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Upgrading and changing the site - mcsfadmin - 09-01-2015

  • I am currently upgrading the website, forum, gallery and adding a Q&A to the site. Cool
  • I am also fixing it so that once you LOG into the forums, you will also be logged into the gallery (so yo can upload, etc.) and the new Q&A.
  • During this time, you may experience outages, strange functioning, missing options, etc. and pages not showing correctly.
  • I do like this Theme, but I will most likely change it because I do not like the way it looks on Mobile Devices.
  • I do have the Forum and Q&A tied in so far, and I an working to get the log in working with the gallery.
  • I still have to tweak the theme etc with the Q&A as well.

So bare with me and thank you.