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Full Version: How do you prepare?
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In my mind NOTHING is more important preparation than knowing the BIBLE. (I'm working now on a 30 day course book for basic Bible knowledge....)  Secondarily a life of prayer and meditation God-ward.  Third, PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT THE LORD IS SPEAKING TO YOU!

I think every Christian should buy some land not dependent on public utilities for its water supply.  Farming will become impossible for most folks.  You need a well that can be powered by wind AND solar, or at least a creek nearby you can haul water from in a real pinch.  If water runs through your property, BLESSED ARE YOU!  You can even set up a water wheel to power your Blessing farm.  THINK OFF-GRID!

Wood stove for cooking and heating makes things easier too.  Learn canning and food preservation.  Practice your hunting, fishing, and foraging skills.

EAT NATURAL FOODS TO MAINTAIN YOUR HEALTH, and be ready to 'bug out' is need be.....

Precious metals?  Good preparation maybe, but the most precious metals in the future may be LEAD AND BRASS!

Prepare your 'bug out bag!'