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Isaac in the P.M.


Well its 10:30pm and thankfully hasn't been too bad today.  We got a few inches of rain, not much wind.

There is still a lot of rain on radar and will be late tomorrow or Tues. before we are done with the storm.

Hope the rest of you are doing as good with it.  I have seen there is already a lot without power on the coast.  I hope they get it restored quickly, and not go like I had to a few years back (3 1/2 months) without power.


It's 11 am. Sunday and Isaac is starting to affect South Florida more, we started getting some rain from it Friday night.

We are getting the bands now, its not steady rain and wind yet but getting there.

We are under just a Tropical storm warning for now - meaning high winds and rain just under hurricane force.

I was out trimming trees yesturday around the trailor and noticed the main wire coming into feed the park is already understress from 2 different tree limbs pushing down on it pretty hard.  I hope it doesn't break - although I am ready if power does go out.

I will post more as the day goes on.


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