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Isaac hitting Louisiana

Looks like the Eye is starting to hit the mouth of the Mississippi. FYI this is the Evening Anniversary of Katrina hitting La.  Atleast it is still a Catagory 1 storm and not higher like they predicted.

There is already over 50,000 without power and some flooding.  It's going to be a rough night for them all there. They are also telling people to cut down on water usage.

There is a curfew in La. and the police are arresting and giving tickets like there candy.  I heard on the news that driving more then 5 mph through standing water is a ticket.  I can understand some of this is necessary but get real.  You do not use a disaster to further your budget.

You can see why it is important to have your B.O.B. ready to go, and have your house ready to stay in if possible during these storms.  Those without power already, will probably be weeks without it.

F.E.M.A. is saying they are ready to hit the area tomorrow to help the people, we shall see.  I also see there is many power companys from other states there already to help.

Back here in Florida we are getting another band from Isaac - not a strong one but still gives you an idea how it can affect so much.  Most of the water around me has already soaked in or drained off.  I went to town today and didn't see much damage on this side of town.

Also the system off of Africa looks like it may turn north, which is good.

Isaac following Katrina


Isaac missed Florida for the most part but still caused a lot of damage.

Now it looks like it is following the path of Katrina.  Let's hope everyone is getting ready for it and they all have their B.O.B.'s ready to go.  I seen on the news that for the most part it looks like everyone is getting ready for it and/or Bugging out.

On a good note,,,It looks like it will only be a Catagory 1 instead of the strong 2 they were estimating.  Yes I know a Cat.1 is still bad, but it means 8-12 foot surge instead of 20+ feet.  It can still change being it is still 2 days out, let's hope not for all of them people.

We know F.E.M.A. will probably mess it up again, but we can hope they do better.

I see another system is coming off of Africa and looks like it will follow Isaac's path, lets hope not or if it does that it doesn't build up.  We will know more around Saturday.

Isaac The Day After


The day after.

Last night was the hardest rain and wind we have gotten so far.

It flooded some around the park, an appartment and a trailer got water inside.  We didn't have any trees fall, just a few small limbs.

There is a lot of damage around the state and around town.  I hear a lot of the town is flooded.  I don't now about any power outages, hopefuly there isn't any around town.

I seen on the web another spot coming off of Africa that is supposed to form up as well by Saturday.

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