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Sandy is working her way past us

trackmap sandy1

It's Thursday night and it has been raining slightly all day, with heavy rain at times.

So far we have not received anything real heavy.  It is sad that all them people have died because of this storm.

Sandy is a Cat 2 right now as it moves up the Florida coast.  We should be feeling it for a couple of days as it moves north.

As you can see below it is huge:

ir enhanced storm1
Yes all of that is Sandy!!  From the looks of it, she goes 1/3rd of the way into the atlantic, down into South America into the Gulf and up to it looks like North Carlina.
Looks to be a Cat. 1 when it finally hits land up north as well so our prayers go out to them and the ones already impacted by her.

Still hanging around

Isaac just wont go away.

He is still pounding the mess out of them poor people over there.  Seems like Katrina strikes again even though this was only a Catagory 1 storm. 

With all the flooding and power outages you can see why it is so important to be ready no matter how light the storm is supposed to be.  You need to be ready no matter what, you need to be prepared to protect yourself and your family.

You can see most of those people didn't even think this would happen this bad, being it has never done it before this badly. They got up to 17 inches in areas withun 48 hrs.  That is a lot of water!! It's so bad in areas they are having to cut holes into the dikes to remove the water.

Can you believe the idiots looting those people.  All of them arrested face a mandatory 3 yrs in prison.  So I ask you is it worth it?  They are not looting to provide for their families, they are doing it for greed, drugs etc.  Can we all say. "Here's your Sign"!!

The only good news tonight is Isaac is finally moving north away from all of them in the south.

Louisiana getting hit hard

They are getting hit hard today in Louisiana

Isaac has slowed to a crawl and continuies to drop loads of rain.  It does appear to be weakining some, it's just above hurricane speed now.

They are starting to rescue people from flooded areas.  Water has flooded the West Bank area.  The military and police are out in force to help people even tho the storm is still going strong.

The way its going with Isaac, looks like they will be dealing with it for the next day maybe two days for sure.  If it continuies to hang over the area, the flooding could approach Katrina stages.



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